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The highest level of brand awareness is top of mind awareness. This is when customers think of you first when they need to make a purchase within your product category. You can build top of mind awareness through repeated exposure and consistent delivery of a good product or service over time. This is a huge advantage in the market when customers enter a buying situation and your brand immediately comes to mind first.

Equity is the value of your brand beyond your physical assets like buildings and equipment. To develop a strong brand equity you have to develop a high level of brand awareness. The more people are aware of you and the stronger your reputation, the greater your profit potential and overall brand value. Word of mouth in the market plays a strong role in helping your brand grow its customer base and develop loyal relationships with top customers.

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RFID Data Blocker Card

As of 2015, All credit cards and debit cards are being embedded with a readable RFID smart chip to accommodate new payment systems at all registers. These readers protect the store’s databases through encryption, and record all of your card’s data… However, through a portable reader, the transmission of your info can be read easily up to 30 ft away! This puts your money and your identity in DANGER. Now introducing the RFID Data blocker card! Just add the card to your Wallet or bag with your Credit Cards to Prevent Cyber Hackers from stealing your Identity!